Family Style

  • Hard To Be (4:41)
    by Stevie Ray Vaughan/Doyle Bramhall
  • White Boots (2:50)
    by Billy Swan/ Jim Leslie
  • D/FW (2:49)
    by S R Vaughan, D Bramhall
  • Good Texan (4:22)
    by Jimmie Vaughan/Nile Rodgers
  • Hillbillies From Outerspace (3:35)
    by Jimmie Vaughan/Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Long Way From Home (3:15)
    by Stevie Ray Vaughan/Doyle Bramhall
  • Tick Tock (4:57)
    by Jimmie Vaughan/Nile Rodgers/Jerry Lynn Williams
  • Telephone Song (3:28)
    by Stevie Ray Vaughan/Doyle Bramhall
  • Baboom/ Moma Said (4:29)
    by Jimmie Vaughan/Stevie Ray Vaughan/Denny Freeman
  • Brothers (5:05)
    by Jimmie Vaughan/Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • Vocals: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan
    Guitars: Stevie Ray Vaughan,Jimmie Vaughan
    Bass: Al Berry
    Drums: Larry Aberman
    Steel Guitar:(Hillbillies From Outerspace) Jimmie Vaughan
    Guitar: (Baboom/ Moma Said) Nile Rodgers
    Upright Bass:(Hillbillies From Outerspace) Preston Hubbard
    Drums:(Hillbillies From Outerspace) Doyle Bramhall
    Alto & Tenor Saxophone: Stan Harrison
    Piano:(Long Way From Home) Richard Hilton
    Keyboard:(Tick Tock) Richard Hilton
    Organ:(Baboom/ Moma Said) Jimmie Vaughan, Richard Hilton
    Background Vocals:(Hard to be) David Spinner
    Background Vocals:(White Boots, Tick Tock, Baboom/ Moma Said) Tawatha Agee, Brenda White-King, Curtis King Jr
    Background Vocals:(Good Texan) Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Spinner, George Sims
    Background Vocals:(Brothers) Brenda White-King

    The Sky Is Crying

  • Boot Hill
    Writer Unknown
  • The Sky Is Crying
    by E James, M Levy, C Clark
  • Empty Arms
    by S R Vaughan
  • Little Wings
    by J Hendrix
  • Wham
    by L Mack
  • May I have a Talk with you
    by C Burnette (Howlin Wolf)
  • Close To You
    by W Dixon
  • Chitlin Con Carne
    by K Burrel
  • So Excited
    by S R Vaughan
  • Life By The Drop
    by D Bramhall, B Logan
  • The Sky is Crying

    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    -Guitar and Vocals
    Chris Layton-Drums
    Tommy Shannon-Bass Guitar
    Reese Wynans-Keyboards

    No one who ever crossed paths with Stevie Ray Vaughan could escape being moved by the experience, and any Stevie Ray fan will no doubt fill in this ten-song sound track with his or her own memories and visual freeze-frames of the man: his infectious smile, his ever-present wide-brim hat, the way he hunched over his battered Fender Stratocaster. But altimately it is conviction and integrety and intensity, his heart and soul, that will speak to future listeners and guitar players, just as the soul of a muddy waters or a Jimi Hendrix spoke to him. "talkin' about good things and singin' the blues
    -Dan Forte,1991


  • In The Open
  • Slide Thing
  • They Call Me Guitar Hurricane
  • All Your Love I Miss Loving
  • Tin Pan Alley
  • Love Struck Baby
  • Tell Me
  • Shake For Me
  • Live Another Day
  • in the beginning


  • Taxman
  • Texas Flood
  • The House Is Rockin'
  • Pride And Joy
  • Tightrope
  • Little Wing
  • Crossfire
  • Change It
  • Cold Shot
  • Couldn't Stand The Weather
  • Life Without You


  • Scuttle Buttin'
  • Testify
  • Love Struck Baby
  • Honey Bee
  • Cold Shot
  • Letter To My Girlfriend
  • Dirty Pool
  • Pride And Joy
  • Things(That) I Used To Do
  • C.O.D.
  • Collins Shuffle
  • Lenny
  • Rude Mood
    (recorded Oct.4, 1984)
    Stevie Ray Vaughan-Guitar and Vocals
    Chris Layton-Drums
    Tommy Shannon-Bass Guitar

    Also Featuring:
    Jimmie Vaughan-Guitar
    Dr John-Keyboards
    George Rains-Drums

    The Roomful of Blues Horns Section:
    Bob Enos-Trumpet
    Porky Cohen-Trombone
    Rich Lattaille-Alto Sax
    Greg Piccolo
    Doug James-Baritone Sax
    Angela Strehli-Vocals on "C.O.D."

    In memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Hammond

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