- Stevie Ray Vaughan
Life without you
Stevie lays out his feelings about his former drug addiction during the intro to "life without you". Before you begin reading, close your eyes for just a moment and try to amagine the rhythm to Life without you

"I'd like to talk to y'all for a second if I can, cause you know, basically I get to start off thanking God that i'm alive and well enough to be with you today, and its always as well as it is. you see, Less than 2 years ago..i found my self in a real bad situation. I found myself down on the ground and I couldnt get up, and I mean I was trying and I couldnt. what I m telling you about is, you see i thought I could stay at the party forever, it dont work that way, cause that shit will kill ya, that stuff will kill ya. all i'm asking you to do, is to stay away from them drugs and things cause what they do is they eat ya inside out, you know they make you forget about those people that you really love, and it makes you run from love, cause you cant stand how good it looks. im asking you to take care of yourself, so you can be there for your brothers and sisters when they need ya, are you with me"

Life Without You
Written by:S R Vaughan
Oh now baby, Tell me how have you been. We all have missed you, And the way you grin. The day is necessary, Every now and then. For souls to move on, Givin' life back again, and again. Fly on, fly on, Fly on my friend. Go on, Live again, Love again. Day after day, Night after night. Sittin' here singin' every minute, As the years go passing by, by, by, by. Long look in the mirror, We've come face to face. Wishin' all the love we took for granted, Love we have today. Life without you, All the love you passed my way. The angels have waited for so long, Now they have their way. Take your place.

we all have missed you